Würzburg Residence

Tuscany Rooms (Rooms 13a-13c)

Picture: Tuscany Rooms
Picture: Carousel
Picture: Tuscany Rooms
Picture: Candelabra
Picture: Tuscany Rooms
Picture: Table belonging to the "Swan suite"
Picture: Furniture

From 1806-1814, the former Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg was a secular Grand Duchy, ruled by Grand Duke Ferdinand III of Tuscany after his expulsion from Florence. The new suites of furniture acquired for the Residence during what became known as the ‘Tuscany period’ are some of the most outstanding examples of the Empire style in Europe.

In 1945, the Tuscany Rooms burned out completely. Numerous pieces of furniture did however survive the war, although to some extent in a badly damaged state. Some of the most important suites of furniture have now been restored and are shown here in front of large-scale photos of the original rooms. These displays give a vivid picture of the way of life in the Würzburg Residence under Grand Duke Ferdinand and later under Crown Prince Ludwig (I) of Bavaria.

The suite of furniture from the Large Drawing Room and the "Swan suite" from the Boudoir in particular show just how magnificent the original interiors were. The carousel with accoutrements for games of skill that Grand Duke Ferdinand had made for his children over 200 years ago is a great rarity.

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